Some of the issues that the families of Santa Barbara have been talking to me about are:


Ethnic Unity

We are all one in this nation; the ethnic divide must end. People forget that this country was founded by people of different cultures from diverse and adverse backgrounds. This country was founded based upon the promise of a better life for those who had been oppressed. We are a melting pot; we are all supposed to come in as if we’re coming to a family meal.  Some have disagreements with others; some have been mistreated by others. In the end, we discuss our differences and come together, united. America has come a long way in 224 years, and yes, we have more work to do. We can only accomplish this work if we stand together and communicate with each other.


Bullying and Racism

Bullying, name-calling, etc… is not tolerable. Racism is bullying, and it is not tolerable, from anyone. We need to encourage children to find alternative ways to express frustration, jealousy, etc. and not put down others to make themselves feel better. We need to increase each and every student's confidence so that they do not feel the need to bully or attack others.


Equal Education

Not all schools are funded equally, and not all schools provide the same resources. That is not an equal education as required by our state Constitution. By not funding educational needs equally among the schools, the district is failing our children.  


Transparency and Accountability

Public education is about transparency and communicating with the community. After all, the district takes care of our children without their parents around all day. We have a right to know what the schools are teaching our children. 



Half of the students in Santa Barbara Unified School District cannot read and write at grade level. In some schools, only 20% of the students can read and write at grade level. This has been an issue for over a decade and needs to change.  


Support the Teachers

Teachers work hard every day, sandwiched between District policies, budget issues and trying to get the resources they need to educate our children. Our family recognized this 20 years ago and created the Teacher’s Fund to give money directly to the teachers and classrooms where the funds were needed. We funded $85,000 last year to teachers and $1.7 million since our mission began. I am from a family of school teachers. I taught science in the elementary classrooms for seven years and volunteered in the classrooms helping children with reading, math and other skills.


I understand the demands and rewards of being a teacher. Teachers deserve our full support.


Community Outreach

Family is an important part of a teacher’s ability to teach students. We need to, as a District, provide the support needed for our hardworking families to help further education so that our children can go on to achieve greater things than we did.